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At GreenBlissEcoSpa, we believe everything in life is connected: people, business, and community. The health of each is dependent on the others. When you are a healthy, vital, and peaceful person, then you are more apt to seek out and insist on those qualities in your home life, your work place, and ultimately the world around you.

To that end, Green Bliss is dedicated to providing our customers an opportunity to renew their spirits and nurture their innate, natural beauty without exposure to the harsh chemicals and invasive procedures practiced by other, more traditional spa service providers.

We strive to use the most ecologically sound methods to treat and educate our clients while keeping pace with the newest trends emerging in the green and holistic lifestyle movement. Equally important is Green Bliss’s dedication to creating and promoting a model for community-based, environmentally responsible business practices.

About Green Bliss Eco Spa

Our Pledge To You

GreenBlissEcoSpa treatments are always eco- friendly. No parabens, chemical or artificial preservatives, surfactants, or emulisfiers are used in our products or treatments. Our products are:
  • Organic and sustainably harvested when possible
  • From local artisans and craftspeople, from owner-operated, and/or from small business interests
  • From vendors who engage in fair trade practices


For Ourselves We:

  • Choose products that have minimal and or recycled packaging.
  • Buy in bulk to avoid excess packaging and shipping.
  • Encourage staff to car-pool or use alternative means of transportation when possible.
  • Use as many methods of paperless transactions as possible through the use of email and e-commerce.
  • Contribute 1% of gross to organizations which work to promote a healthier, cleaner environment, more compassionate urban life, equality for all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender, and healthier, safer children. We have chosen front-line activist groups who have little or no overhead who make a difference by working in a more focused, streamlined way. See below for our list.


For Our Customers We Encourage & Support:

  • Issuing party invitations through on line invitation services such as E-vite to reduce paper usage
  • Guests to arrive by carpool/alternative means of transportation
  • Re-cycling of empty glass, metal, and plastic containers leftover from the party


Business Affiliations:

  • Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles
  • Campaign For Safe Cosmetics: A coalition of public health, educational, religious, labor, women’s, environmental and consumer groups. The goal is to protect the health of consumers and workers by requiring the health and beauty industry to phase out the use of chemicals linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems and replace them with safer alternatives.

A recent study of personal care products (shampoo, skin care cream, shaving lotion, baby powder, etc.) and cosmetics revealed that a third of the 7,500 products assessed contained chemicals that are linked to cancer.

Of the more than 10,000 chemical ingredients in personal care products, 89 percent have not undergone safety testing. Consumers use as many as 25 different personal care/cosmetics products in a day and up to 70% of what is applied to the skin is believed to be absorbed into the body.

Many of these chemicals have found their way into our bodies, our breast milk and our children, and diseases linked to synthetic chemicals - including breast cancer, testicular cancer, and reproductive problems - are on the rise.

To learn more about this issue visit: www.safecosmetics.org


Randi Ragan, Green Living Expert

Randi Ragan, FounderRandi is the owner and founder of the award-winning GreenBliss EcoSpa, Los Angeles’ only eco-friendly mobile spa & lifestyle service. Celebrating its tenth year (2016), GB EcoSpa regularly provides on-location services to hundreds of Angelenos every year, as well as to top Hollywood celebrities and for events (Emmy Week, Oscar Week, LA Fashion Week), charity fundraisers (Environmental Media Awards, Fox Studios/Habitat for Humanity, Crystal Charity Ball), corporate clients (Target, Stonefield-Josephson, Coldwell Bankers), and brand launching (Shape Magazine, The Style Network, Pernod-Ricard, Mars Candies).

Randi spent 20 years in the well-being sector as a yoga and meditation teacher, spiritual retreat leader, and creator of customized healing ceremonies and rituals. Her teaching and workshops have been featured at some of Los Angeles’ top yoga studios, and she has counseled industry leaders from the worlds of entertainment, finance and business, and seniors’ health care.

Her first book, A Year of Living Mindfully:  Seasonal Practices to Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit (Motivational Press) will be launched March 9, 2016, and can be ordered here.

Now, in addition to running the daily business of GB EcoSpa, Randi currently consults, writes, blogs, and speaks about holistic wellbeing (www.randiragan.com).  She was inaugural Contributing Editor/Health & Wellness, for CocoEco magazine, and will be a featured columnist for Natural Child magazine.  She has been a featured speaker and panelist at such events as the inaugural Women In Green Forum, the Women of the Green Generation’s First Annual conference, and the BodyWise Conference for Girls.  She also speaks at Los Angeles area high schools on “smart beauty” for teenage girls and created the “Blissy Missy” spa party for girls ages 6 – 16 (Parent Magazine’s “Readers Choice Award”). 

Randi's home and garden was featured in a photo essay for Sprig.com  about the greening up process she and her family have engaged in since its purchase 14 years ago. This process includes growing some of the flowers and herbs used in her company's spa treatments.

Thank you so much, Randi!
Your insight on product integrity is invaluable- I don't know (nor have time to learn) all the details of the ingredients.  There's sooo much greenwashing going on.  I feel very very lucky to have your input- and I'm really happy w/the current products in the store!. Thanks

Natalie Freidberg, General Manager
All Shades of Green,
Eco Living Store/Los Angeles


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