Spa FAQs


How do I have a spa-themed party?

To have a spa party, set the date and time, invite your friends, set the mood, coordinate food and beverages, and let GBES bring in our services (all supplies included.) Spa pampering will result!


How long should a spa party be?

Ideally, two, three or four hours, depending on your budget and the amount of people you have participating.


Where can my spa party be set up?

Indoors, outdoors, both!  Your living room, your family room, an outdoor deck or patio, a gameroom, by the pool and in the poolhouse are all spaces commonly used for home spa parties. You may also opt for your spa party to be in hotel suite, meeting room, or private cabana by the hotel pool area. If you belong to a private club, meeting rooms are usually available for rent and are ideal as they are spacious and come with plenty of chairs and tables.


How many people should I invite?

This depends entirely on your budget. We regularly serve very intimate groups of four and five people, as well as large groups of 30 and more. We will staff your spa party based on the number of guests you have.


What kind of décor should I have for my spa party?

Anything you care to and have the budget for, or nothing at all!  Enjoyment of our spa party services is not dependent on décor, but it is common for clients to set the mood with vases of fresh flowers, candles and a favorite playlist. Any kind of themed spa party favors, tablescapes, balloons, or other props are entirely optional.


Can I arrange for a caterer to provide food and beverages?

Absolutely! Any arrangements you wish to make for food and drinks are up to you. You can have the main food service before, during or after your spa treatments.


What are your payment policies and can my friends and I all go Dutch?

We accept MasterCard or Visa, as well as personal checks with enough lead time to clear. We require a 50% deposit upon return of your spa party reservation paperwork to hold your date and time in our books. The balance is due one week before your spa party. (All our policies are detailed on our reservation paperwork and include cancellations, refunds, rescheduling, late guest additions, no-shows, etc.)  We require both payments for deposit or balance from one person only. We cannot accept multiple payments from multiple people.


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