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Corporate Wellness Programs

We hear a lot of talk about Corporate Wellness Programs around the New Year and everyone seems to agree that it is a topic worth discussing, investigating and even implementing.  But does anyone really know why we are talking about this subject so much lately?

Corporate Wellness Facts:

  • 72% of all workers surveyed experienced three or more stress-related illnesses ‘somewhat or very often.’ (Northwestern National Life Insurance)
  • 60% of working parents feel significant conflict between work demands and home life (Families and Work Institute)
  • 70% of more than 1,500 respondents said they don’t have a healthy balance between their personal and work lives (TrueCareers)
  • 50% of all US workers feel overwhelmed by a growing number of job tasks and longer work hours (Family and Work Institute)
  • 80% of US employees who don’t feel a passion for their work (Harris Interactive) 2.5 to 12.8 million days of productivity are lost each year due to stress related illness (American Stress Institute)

Offering work-life balance solutions for employees is not about being nice, it’s about reducing absenteeism, retaining talent, increasing productivity and saving money—big money. It’s not corporate social work, it’s a business imperative.

A corporate wellness program can be a thousand different things, with completely different offerings from one company to the next.  That’s why every good program is customized to the needs of each company and the work they do with the demographics of their specific employees.

From elaborate management retreats to Friday chair massages, each offering should reflect a thoughtful plan of action.

For something as simple as scheduling regular in-office chair massage days, these benefits are realized:

  • Reduces stress
  • Relives symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Relieves neck and back pain symptoms
  • Reduces instances of common cold or flu
  • Increases concentration and creating thinking
  • Relieves fatique
  • Increases productivity and improves problem solving abilities

My holistic wellness services for business delivers experiences – not sterile trainings or less than meaningful rewards.  They combine feeling good and getting work done with more ease, satisfaction and better results.  They offer true renewal, from the inside out, and include:

  • Retreats and Seminars focusing on Work-Life Balance, Team Building, Goal Setting, Daily Organizing, and Synergy with Holistic Wellness
  • Lunchtime Wellness Lectures, Workshops and Demos*
  • On Location Weekly/Monthly Chair Massage
  • Employee Wellness Rewards and Appreciation Parties
  • Executive On-The-Go Wellness Packages (private yoga/personal trainer sessions, holistic nutrition and diet coaching with meal planning, personal care services including salon style nail care, hair and makeup styling)

Corporate Wellness Topics Include:

  • Workplace Ergonomics:  Postures for Reducing Shoulder, Back & Neck Strain
  • Tips and Tricks for On The Job Stress Busting
  • Space Revitalization:  Simple Cures to Reduce Clutter and Create Harmony In Your Work Space
  • Wellness Time Outs:  Why They Matter & How To Create Them
  • Chair Yoga:  Easy Postures For Relief All Day

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