An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it”Thich Nhat Hanh on Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is what most people think of as meditation. It is the classic position: You sit on the floor and aim to be aware. Breathing is a common focal point. However, there many ways to achieve mindfulness meditation and a calm mind. Color is a great way to reign in the wild thoughts of the mind. Color has always had an important role in society but ayurvedic medicine has created an importance of color within the body. Certain systems that control our health are linked to colors and tapping into these colors will allow us to become aware of the systems that manage our bodies.

Colors and Chakras

The colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each of the colors are tied to a chakra, an emotion, and perhaps successes or barriers. The best way to discover these chakras is to go through this article like a guide. Imagine the color vibrating our from the described location. Feel the emotions that come from that location. Focus on the visceral feelings and the basic functions that each of these systems accomplish. If this is too far out for you, just continue through the process and have faith that mindfulness meditation can help your lifestyle.

Red | Root Chakra

Red :: Vitality - Persistence - Passion

Vitality – Persistence – Passion

The root chakra is found at the base of the spine around the tailbone. It represents a solid foundation. Close your eyes and picture an intense red color at the base of your spine. Make sure you are firmly ground either standing or sitting. If that isn’t working, get up and attempt some physical activities. You may find that this point is your center of gravity through your movements. As this is mindfulness meditation, ensure that you are mindful of any feelings or thoughts that arise. Don’t fight the thoughts. Acknowledge them, and let them pass.

As a color, it is passionate like love, persistent as a beating heart, and vital as the blood that runs through our heart. It can be associated with the fight or flight response. It is one of the more carnal colors and is farthest away from our brain.


Orange | Sacral Chakra


Orange – Vitality, Independence, Enthusiasm

The Sacral chakra is located near the root chakra. As the name implies it is located on the sacrum, a large triangular bone at the base of the spine. This is tied with reproduction. Similar to red, it is a color that relates to vitality. Focusing on this point is not a sexual thing, but rather should leave you feeling clean as the orange vitality burns through your body. A part of mindfulness meditation is being aware of the holistic: mind, body, and spirit.

Orange is a warm color and can be associated with not only vitality but also independence and enthusiasm. It is an exciting color that is tied to a very human part of us. Visualize the bright orange of a fire and feel its warmth. Take this time to be thankful that you are a bright vivacious person.

Yellow | Navel Chakra


Yellow – Vibrance, Energy, Courage

This chakra is located at the belly button. As you imagine this yellow color, imagine that you body is controlling energy. From this location, you have your digestive system. This controls food processing but beyond that you also have adrenal glands which control energy. Brighten or dim the yellow to see if it adds or removes energy from your visualization.

Yellow is a color that is tied with courage. Perhaps you’ve heard some of these phrases. You’ve got guts. That gave me butterflies in my belly. There is a definite feeling that courage, energy, and the belly go together.

Green | Heart Chakra


Green – Balance, Health, Empathy

Most would assume the heart to be red. Most would also assume that mindfulness meditation has nothing to do with the heart. However, when you envision health, it is easy to see the color green. Close your hand and feel your heart beat. You’re alive. The heart chakra is a center point as the middle-most chakra. Imagine a vivacious color green and let yourself feel any emotions of compassion or empathy.

Use the color green to feel balanced and bring health into your life. Imagining this chakra is a way to also look into other people’s lives. The heart is tied to emotions so this is a chance to calmly have empathy and balance out your own feelings. If you want to find more information on how to develop this chakra look here.

Blue | Throat Chakra


Blue – Pure, Communication, Flow

The throat chakra is where you might imagine your voice comes from. Because of this, the blue throat chakra is associated with communication. It can also be tied with truth. As you imagine a nice light blue, imagine the importance of communication and how you can use it to enrich you life. Build upon the feeling of purity that you have developed from every other chakra so far. A part of mindfulness meditation is thinking before you speak. You can practice this not only as you sit and visualize but also as you consciously talk to people. It is good practice to use mindfulness meditation whenever possible.

Indigo | Third Eye Chakra


Indigo – Perception, Wisdom, Depth

Indigo is an interesting color as you may not know exactly what to imagine. You may also not know where your third eye is. No one said mindfulness meditation was easy. This chakra is the abstract and can be tied to intuition. It is the divine part of us that is fueled by belief and state of mind.

Image a dark blue into purple above your eyes right around where your imagination might sit. Take this color and think about your subconscious. Question why and go into depth about who you are and what you believe. Like I said, this is an abstract one and you may come up with nothing. Even if that’s the case, just be aware that you are not fully aware. There is a subconscious and a pool of energy located within your third eye.

Violet | Crown Chakra


Violet – Wisdom, Consciousness, Peace

Violet is a pristine purple color that is you. You can identify with this purple and I’m not talking about the artist formerly known as Prince. However you think of yourself, the idea of that person is located on your crown. The very top of your head where all wisdom and lofty ideas reside. Take the violet color and think about who you are and where you are in life. There’s no need to compare that idea of yourself to anything. Instead let it melt away. Consider yourself to be a part of the universe. This chakra is associated with oneness and peace. This inner inspection is where mindfulness meditation truly moves forward.

Imagine that you are nothing but a brilliant violet color and everyone and everything else as a pulsing violet energy. Calm yourself in knowing that there is no need to compare value when you are a part of everything.

Coming Full Circle

There is something to be said about circles or rather wheels. The color wheel is a common way to conceptualize our color spectrum. Also, you may be wondering what chakra really means.  As a translation from sanskrit, it means wheel! It is no wonder that this has worked into our common language. On some days you might be feeling blue, or perhaps you like to live a green lifestyle. The tie between both of these wheels is undeniable. Take the time everyday to bring yourself into touch with the colors of your body. You might find that mindfulness meditation becomes a vibrant part of your life.

As you finish visualizing each color, image all of them together and become aware of each focal point. You should now be at a point of mindfulness meditation. Enjoy the feeling of serenity and thank yourself for taking a moment out of your day to grow and imagine.