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Share More, Be More Happy

Share More, Be Happier What would make you happier? More money? Sure, why not?  Maybe not. A recent book (Happy Money:  The Science Of Spending by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton), reports that the amount of money, or income each year most Americans need to be...

Herbal Antibiotics

Why More People Should Be Using Herbal Antibiotics Antibiotics are one of the greatest medical advancements humankind has made to date. But with the rise of antibiotics, their success has also created several unforeseen issues, the most pressing being powerful strains...

Does Sunscreen Cause Skin Cancer?

Do Chemical Sunscreens Increase the Risk of Cancer? Up until the 1920's it was not viewed as a positive thing to have a tan... it wasn't until Coco Chanel was sunburned in the French Riviera and women who saw it believed it to be "glamorous", that the suntan became a...

Eating Farmed Fish vs Wild Caught

Happy Earth Day 2015!  Let every day be earth day. Making the right choice on Fish Fish can be a staple of a healthy diet. The lean protein and Omega 3 acids have countless health benefits but choosing the right type of fish can prove to be a challenge. Seafood...

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